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Q. What should I wear?

A. Casual clothes are acceptable; however some people do dress up. The choice is yours. Please select clothing that is respectable and appropriate for mixed company. Tennis shoes are allowed, but not recommended, as they often have too much grip and can make it difficult to do some of the steps properly. For safety reasons, we do not recommend open-toed, open-heel, or loose-fitting shoes.

Q. What age ranges may attend?

A. Anyone may attend Cape Ballroom. The lessons are designed for adults, however some high school Seniors and Juniors attend and do well. Some parents bring a younger child to sit and watch, or dance with their parent. Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult, and conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a ballroom. Please keep in mind that there may not be dance partners available for children under 16. Young children should not be on the dance floor unless they are dancing with, or being carried by, an adult. The admission fee applies to anyone who participates in the lesson or dance, regardless of age. Everyone who enters the dance, who is 14 years of age or older must sign the sign-in sheet at the front desk. Adults who bring children under 18 years of age must sign in, whether they participate or not, and are assuming responsibility for their children.

Q. What does it cost?

A. The cost is $5/person, payable at the door. The admission fee applies to anyone who participates in the lesson or dance, regardless of age. Please see the question "What age ranges may attend?"

Q. What if I don't know any dance at all?

A. That is not a problem at all. All dances start with a Basic Steps class, for those who have never done that dance before. Many people attending will be that way, so you will fit right in.

Q. What if I already know that dance?

A. Great! Then you may come in at 7:45 pm to the Intermediate Class, and learn or review the fancier steps. If you know it all, you may come in at 8:30 for the general dancing.

FOR ANY OTHER QUESTIONS, please email or text or call Dan at (480) 857-2286